Managing Director 

Haleema Mekani

Haleema is a young creative woman with a strong interest in the African culture of storytelling, continuing this tradition through the medium of art and design as a Curator and Creative Consultant. She has a  Masters in Fashion Brand Management and a lot of experience in 'artprenuership' and in managing creative initiatives and projects that seek to explore and communicate traditional and cultural African heritage material through contemporary storytelling.

She also has got a passion for using indigenous knowledge, art and culture to positively transform the lives of people. For example, using African dance and music to address mental health issues, gender discriminatory norms, gender inequality and violence against women and girls among other things.  

Tel: +263 7722 727 509

Advisory and Support Board

Ngonidzashe Edward

Ngonidzashe is a Development program strategist and consultant with over 15 years of working in community and youth development projects and initiatives.  Ngoni has a special interest in setting up and designing creative, social transformation and leadership programs for young people in Africa.


He has worked with young people and grassroots communities, developing and directing programs in areas of HIV/AIDS, Comprehensive Sexual Education in Schools, Civic Education, Justice, and Peace, Social and Creative Entrepreneurship, Ecology and Environment. 

Tel: +263 778 651 890

Finance Director  

Stanford Chabaya

Stanford is a finance professional with nine years' experience at Deloitte Harare, Zimbabwe, providing advisory, assurance, and consulting services to clients and coaching trainees. He is currently responsible for financial management for telecommunications at the Dandemutande Group. Stanford was involved in successfully launching the uMAX Wi-Fi network in Harare, where he established and implemented the financial processes and internal controls to efficiently run the network.


He is a director at African Dance and Wellness, a company preserving African culture through teaching dance, the performing arts, and dance fitness-training. Stanford sits on the board of the Culture Fund of Zimbabwe, which supports and invests in the creative sector, focusing on arts, culture, and heritage. He provides leadership to the Magis Networks, which focuses on youth development, mobilizing funds for programs, and planning and implementing activities.

Artistic  Director

Kudakwashe Pikani 

Kudakwashe (Kuda) is a versatile artist with a passion for traditional African and contemporary performing arts.  Kuda holds a Certificate in Music (Music Cross Roads Zimbabwe) and Certificate in Music and Theatre (GERMANY).  Kuda has been involved in a number of local and international music and art projects and initiatives.


These include the following:
        •  Guest Artist, Ignite Africa Festival in Zimbabwe (2014)
        •  Co-Founder and Chief Instructor, Pachena School of Performance Arts (Harare, Zimbabwe)
        •  Lead Artists, Magis Festival of the Nations in Poland (2016)
        •  Music Supervisor at Jabula Africa Circus (Germany 2017), 
        •  Music Supervisor at Malaika Das Afikanische Musical (Germany 2018)
        •  Production Manager in Saudi Arabis- Riyadh Shopping Festival (July – August 2018)
        •  Musical and Acrobatics performance at Arrupe Jesuit University Zimbabwe (November 2018)

Media and Communications Advisor

Irene Galera

Irene is a communication expert from Spain. She has a background in journalism and photography. 

Strategic and Resource Mobilisation Advisor

Fayen D'Evie 

Fayen d'Evie is an artist and writer, who now lives in Dja Dja Wurrung, Australia. Her projects are often conversational and collaborative and activate audiences in sensory readings of artworks. She is an advocate of the radical potential of blindness to open new perceptual and conceptual territory for artists and curators. With artist Katie West, Fayen co-founded the Museum Incognita, which revisits neglected, concealed, or obscured histories, activates embodied readings, and archives ephemeral artworks and practice.


Fayen is also the founder of 3-ply, which investigates artist-led publishing as an experimental site for the creation, dispersal, translation, and archiving of texts. Prior to artmaking, Fayen worked on international peacebuilding and environmental initiatives for the UN-mandated University for Peace, an international NGO, the Earth Council.  Fayen currently manages research and development for Asialink Arts. Fayen has previously collaborated with Tamba Africa Circus co-founder Ngonidzashe Edward on emergency food delivery projects. She is excited to begin a new chapter of collaboration, which can draw on her expertise and experience in social justice and the arts.

Head Choreographer & Creative Contributor

Victor Peturo 

Victor is a renowned Arts Educator, Choreographer, Dancer and Afro-Fusion and African contemporary dance instructor.  He has specialized in teaching Afro-Fusion and contemporary dance, west African traditional dance, Modern dances, Zimbabwean traditional dance, African storytelling and dance theater. Victor teaches at two of the leading arts organizations in Zimbabwe (CHIPAWO and AfriKera Dance Theater Hub). He also has worked at African Dance and Wellness as Afro Fitness Trainer and African Fitness Workouts developer. 


As a performer, Victor has toured and performed at festivals in Africa, Asia, and Europe in countries like South Africa, Zambia, Kenya, Ivory Coast, India, Korea, Belgium, Germany, Norway, and the Netherlands. 

Artistic and Cultural Advisor

Hope Masike  

Hope is a sensational Zimbabwean and Afro-fusion singer, cultural expert, songwriter, mbira player, dancer, fine artist, and gender advocate. She's also been a teacher of African music and culture in Norway.


She is popularly known as 'The Princess of Mbira'. Masike is a graduate of the Zimbabwe College of Music (ZCM). She has toured many countries in Africa and Europe.